Sunday, 20 February 2011

I survived..

She's Gone..

It felt like i had cancer, Everytime i was with her i was dying a little more.
When i looked at her i felt lost, I felt unknow feeling i had amnessia, i didnt know who she was.
As days went by she changed even more into a monster.
We only tryed to help, we did the best we could.. But every story she'd tell it worse.. But the thing we realised .. They werent true. She was lying..
Why was she lying what was the point .. With every lie came another. We all got stressed lost track of our lives trying to sort out her's. We were planing ways to tell her .. And when we did .. She wouldnt even look at us.. not even a glisp.. Until the next day when more lies rolled through her black tounge.
I couldnt stand this pain From this sweet inncocet little girl, Into this .. Into a Stranger.
What had happened for her to turn?,, Was this a joke or a bad dream?
But no it wasnt.. The time came where we had, had enough..
We all sat down and decided that .. if her ways had not changed by news years then we would stop being her friend.. not to be horrid or to be mean but.. To live with out worrie to live with out lies. To live with out cancer.
As The months ran out things got worse, like we felt she didnt care lossing us.. But then.. One evening she phoned saying something terrible had happened.. Immediately i thought it was a lie until.. Her mum proved it was the truth.. It's like that storyy of "The boy who cryed wolf".. You lie ,, and lie and lie but when the truth is said they wont belive you.

It was few weeks until the dead line yet nothing had changed.. More hurt, more tears, I didnt want this cancer.. Not only had she hurt us she went beyond the boundries.. She crossed the line and interfeered with my family.. She new how close i am to my family yet she was slowly recking my life.

Then the time came.. It was New years eve.. The time had come to remove the cancer.. To remove this pain.
Tears were shed, relief was upon our shoulder's and the cancer was gone.

One of my friends said "She not an Emeney just an old memorie"
And all the good Memories were we laughed and smiled will ever be easraised from me.. Only the cancer will dissappear.

Today.. Addmittedly she's got worse.. But it's not up to us Now. She does try to talk to us, But we ignore it,she trys to hurt us by Saying rude remarks to us and our friends.. But we know why.. She may say lies to us or about us but We know the truth ..
We've been clear of this cancer for 2 months and.. Promised to never Let it back into our lives.

I will never regret Becoming her friend, as i have learnt a valible lesson..

" When you get cancer dont wait until your almost dead. Cut the source of the painn, and live your life knowing you survived."

Love Tyler

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Real friends..

Real friends would'nt do this, wouldnt try to hurt me or go behind my back.
Dont go tell another lie  because i will never believe you, I will never forget what you have done to me,I'v had enough.
You will never, be the same to me..  Your a chaged perso.. But the sad thing is.. Is i dont understand why? Not only have you hurt and disappointed me.. You've shamed People that care about you. Your friends your family and your self..
You say it's really hard to chage but you & i both know that another lie.
You choose to channge and you can change back,, With normal people it's hard but there's simple things you can do. Yet you wont because your selfish! And just want attention.
Your not a friend, Your a stranger

Love Tylerr

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


When i first met you.. You were sweet, innocent, fun, and bubbley.. But things changed.
Like everything has to.
Your not the girl i met when i was five anymore. Your not the girl i had memories with. Your a stranger to me now. A person i just walk past .. A person i want to sit down with a play dolls with but.. Like i said things have changed.

No matter how much i say this or no matter how much you get told.. Your never change unless you want to. Your life is in your hands.. Your choices are yours not my opion not my honste thougts.. But I want you just remeber this everytime you wake up,, Think.. Am i me .. or am i a fake?

Love Tyler

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowwy days

When it snow's, the world as been covered with a blanket ,
everything beautiful and at peace.
Everyone playing, or making snow men,
Then inside they go to warm up with a cuppa joe..

When it snow the world is cold, yet waarm inside,
with happy people smilling bringing joy all around,
Even people on the ice cold floor sleeping day and night,
they cannot say how the snow isnt wonderful and bright.

So go get your coats and gloves, wrapp up warm,
And let the snow fall from you above,
And if you dont like snow, because it's cold or dangerous,
Your silently thinking, But WOW,, how perfect does this look.

Snow is a blanket to give us a break,
To give us time to realise what we have,
And not take things forgrateented, yo umay think it's...
Just snow,
But really,, It's a whole new world of Happiness and joy speard around..


Love Tyler

Saturday, 30 October 2010

There's always a road following to a let down.

When someone has hurt you what would you do?
Forgive them.
What do you do if they hurt you again?
Forgive them.
What do you do when they hurt you again when they promised they wouldnt?
Forgive them.
What if they hurt, and make you cry?
Stop the cycle of hurt and pain, Ignore all there calls and delete them as a friend.
You might say thats harsh well, if you've been through what i have then would be kicking your self in the head, not to have stopped it earlier.
The person i cant not ever forgive, will know this is you..
You havent just hurt me, you hurt my family too.
You could say Your related, but thats just by blood.
If you were my family you wouldnt hurt me, you'd save me from the rough.
You are the person with hate around their head, where people despise you, for what you have done.
You may try to say sorry or try to mend my broken heart,You could buy all i wanted but that wont take away the past.I cant even look at you or say hi when your near,  it's over dont try to see me or talk because ill reject you and wont want to hear.
This is my decision and this is final no one has told me to keep clear from you,This is my choice and noone can change it.As i have been hurt,more than once or twice or three time in fact.To me i havent lost much, I'v still got my family and friends who care for me dearly, There's just one person missing which is you my Tatínek.

Love Tylerr

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ace Gang

This here is the Ace gang, except Susan because she has moved away and we dont see her much "Cry" But other than Susan there is; Claire who is in the blue hoddie,Sherrie she is the one with the teddie bear on her shirt, Elsie with the buns on her head and finally me with the doodle's on my face.
I'm am writting today about us because i'v realised how luckey am am to have them as my best friends,it's not often to find a bunch of actual great friends.We are definatley not like other friendship group i can say that for sure. We are so wackey and crazy and we dont care what people think becuase why do we need to when we have eachother.

Claire Bear: 
This lovely girl, is actually really awesome, she has the most adorible smile that when you see it you automaticlly smile.She is'nt afriad to be herself infront of other's she is slightly shy but when you know her, you really know her.We've had some really good times, and im sure we will always remeber them to be really honste.All though times are hard we always try to concor them. XD

Susie wosie:
Oh my gosh what a babe.. she really is. Okay she moved away however she is still amazing.She is kind generous, happy and so much more.She is shy as well as Claire but again ,when you know her you know her. We have definatley had some amazing times like when went up her attick and when we waited out side her house for ages!! LOL
But still this girl is so very much a beauty. x)

Sherrie berrie:
What a gal,, she really of course is. She is very wondeful indeed, she is so trustworthy and has amazing toes, she is immune from getting scared at horror's unless i scream and scare her like that.She is sooooo very funny and is'nt scared to prove her love to the one only JUSTIN BIEBER! yes a bieber fann <3 Which is mostly what she talks about LOL!
Although she gets stressed like me she deals with its, and we all get the stress as we are going through it. Overall she is so awesome \nd should never change, she is so very very very..... AMAZINGLY PHIT!! I LOVE YOU YOU BEAST WITH A AFFRO HIPPIE ! =)

Elsie Poo:
You actuall halious human being, You are so very crazy and wackey and weird ... ect... ect..
ou are very pretty and amazing.You are of course like Sherrie you are definatley in love with JUSTIN BIEBER! I mean you room is filled with him its kinda crewpy waking up to him staring at you but of course you love it.. to me PERV LOL i joke of course as he is your BOYFRIEND!
Anyways; you are so very funny and i love to make amazing memories and be able to trust you, you are TOTALLY COOL you nerd.

Ermmm, ummm,, what to say about me ... well i think im abit up my self if i talked about how great i was LOL Gosh nosh nosh what am i like ... hehe but anyways mee im cool of course but ill leave it to my awesoem friends to describe me ,,, BUT I DO LOVE AARON JOHNSON , JOHNNY DEPP, ... ECT... ECT... ECT :)

We are all so weird wackey cool amazing people and we love everything and anything that we love XDXD
We love one direction and of course own someone each which is cool tbh,because we can talk to our heart content to eachother about how hot they are with out getting annoyed LOL
Well, thats not about it but im sure i dont have typing left soo
see you later:
XD,x) :)=]=)

Love Tylerr

Thursday, 28 October 2010


This very Beautiful pictue is of the one and only... ' JAMIE LEE TAYLOR'
Gosh,, What a babe he really is, This Boy and me have been through ,gosshhh how to put it...ermm,,So much moree than others have tbh.
We've had fights(still got that bump btw)
We've have laughs, And of course we make up dance routines to;
'Hot and cold & Telephone'
He is such an amazing person, He is always there when you need a hug, and always there to beat up anyone who is being mean to you,,
He is so wackey and crazy and I love how even when hes up set he will try and have a laugh.
Iv been friends with him scince Nursey.. And OMG.. Memories we share,,
He is a little stinky head though because he moved to bracknelhale, and i dont see him much, but trust me when i do ,, well you just have to be there tbh LOL
But Listen 'JAMIE LEE TAYLOR ' You are the most amazing person ever,, Your funny, kind, cool, awesome, cheerful, PHIT, and i promise we shall forever be friends... You Bloody amazing person. EVER CHANGE I WILL GET A DOG TO FEAST ON YOUR DANGLERS!
" HUG"

Love Tylerr <3